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Here is a comprehensive list of all my completed anime series.

Nothing here is for download, this is simply for the convenience

of myself and friends   - Bookimp


If you're looking for anime to download try AniDB for details.

Then either go to the release group’s IRC channel to download it,

or get it from bittorrent.  For a bittorrent client I recommend uTorrent.

I recommend Baka-Updates for new stuff and BakaBT for completed series.


Other useful links:

AMVs - Anime Music Videos.org
eBooks go to irc.irchighway.net and join ebooks. Get the filter first!
Manga go to Manga-Updates for who did it, plot, etc.

For download:




There are thousands of other options, these are just a few.

If you like my wallpaper and want anime wallpaper of your

very own try Minitokyo.



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