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Nothing here is for download, this is simply for the convenience

of myself and friends.


Here is a comprehensive list of all my completed anime series.

If you're looking for anime to download try AniDB for details.

Then either go to the release group’s IRC channel to download it,

or get it from bittorrent.  For a bittorrent client I recommend uTorrent.

I recommend Baka-Updates for new stuff and BakaBT for completed series.


Here is a list of my manga collection, both ongoing & complete.

For manga downloads I suggest Starkana or AnimeA


Other useful links:

AMVs - Anime Music Videos.org
eBooks go to
irc.irchighway.net and join ebooks. Get the filter first!

There are thousands of other options, these are just a few.

If you like my wallpaper and want anime wallpaper of your

very own try Minitokyo.


@Copyright Sumi Keiichi ‘Resurrection’